Sanitary Welding

Industry standards are important for assuring consistent quality throughout an industry. In the 1950s, the dairy industry in the United States recognized the importance of good-quality, fullpenetration welds for maintaining the cleanability of piping systems in dairy plants. The demands of the semiconductor industry as well as the bioprocess industry for clean, smooth product contact surfaces have led to advances in process piping technology and equipment fabrication technology.

Changes in industry practices have resulted in new standards being written which incorporate these advances. Not only does SPS stay up to date with the latest in Sanitary Welding advances, we pride ourselves in meeting all 3A standards, to include:

  • Representative welds - inspection upon installation (in an unpolished state)
  • The weld must be sound - (no leaks, cracks, crevices, pits, or protruding metal)
  • The weld must be smooth and easily cleanable
  • The welded joints and associated piping are drainable
  • No pits and "skips" in the welded joints
  • No piping misalignment or slope